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5 Reasons Why a Mobile Home Community is Perfect for Retirees


5 Reasons Why a Mobile Home Community is Perfect for Retirees

There are about 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, which means more Americans than ever are facing retirement.


And for many of those living their sunset years, the goal is to live as well as possible, for as long as possible.


Mobile home communities today are a great option for seniors and those about to retire.


As you might have noticed, these mobile home communities are particularly popular today, and many of them are gated retirement communities with paved roads, tree-lined streets, landscaping, and many other great neighborhood amenities and features.


Here are 5 reasons why a mobile home community is absolutely perfect for when you decide to retire:


No stairs

Our knees aren’t getting any younger either. Mobile homes are built for comfort and easy access. And for those of us with the occasional bout of back pain or joint pain, having everything all within easy reach is such a blessing indeed.


The newer mobile homes rolling out of the factories these days are built specifically towards being more elderly-friendly and can even be easily customized however you wish.


This means doing away with staircases and having adequate handrails, but still having a nice, comfortable, and relatively compact home to call your own.


Downsizing and Stretching Fixed Income

Especially if you don’t have much in the way of savings, downsizing to a mobile home is a very practical move. By selling your old home and purchasing a lot at a mobile home community, you’ll find that you now have the following:

  • Lowered your monthly living costs
  • Quite a bit of cash left over for whatever you want


Say you’re able to sell your empty nest for $180,000.00. You then purchase a property at your nearby mobile home community for $80,000.00. You still have $100,000.00 cash left over for your savings or your spending money.


Value Appreciates Over Time

A regular mobile home is taxed as a vehicle and therefore depreciates over time. But when you also purchase the land it stands on, it then becomes a home with a value that can instead appreciate over the long term.


TIME Magazine reports that this is one of the reasons why the prospect of owning a piece of the mobile home community has been so popular among seniors and retirees.


No longer do they have to deal with exploitative landlords and mismanagement. Instead, they all take ownership and pitch in to make their friendly neighborhood their own little piece of paradise.


A Sense of Community

Think of today’s mobile home communities as gated subdivisions, but with other retirees like yourself. It’s set up more like a condominium or an apartment complex where you each have your own lot and mobile home.


You understand each other’s needs, you all look out for each other, and you can always count on your neighbors to help you when you really need it.


It’s this feeling of security and belonging that allows you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life, all while having the peace of mind that you’re all in this together.


Choose the Lifestyle that Best Suits You

Mobile homes in the U.S. run the gamut in terms of size and cost. In the same way, you now get all kinds of mobile home communities, each boasting its own amenities, regular activities, and other neighborhood programs.


You can be as active as you want and as social as you want. You can even take time off to do some extensive traveling knowing you can leave your home for an extended period of time and have neighbors come check in on it every so often.



There are many benefits to living in a mobile home community that makes it ideal for seniors and for those about to retire.


With so many baby boomers retiring, this seems to be a popular (and highly affordable) option as you:

  • get all the benefits of a more scaled-down lifestyle,
  • but have a lot of options in terms of recreation and activities post-retirement,
  • and a community of like-minded folk that looks after each other.


Riverdale Village Mobile Home Park in Bakersfield, California, for example, is set up as a family-friendly gated community for privacy and security.


Among other great amenities, Riverdale Village also has a neighborhood pool, a park green belt area, a billiards room, a common area kitchen, and a large community function hall with a stage for events and gatherings.


To learn more about Riverside Village, send us a message and set an appointment to see why it’s just perfect for retirees.