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Annual local events and festivals in Bakersfield, CA

Medieval themed restaurants in Bakersfield, CA

Annual local events and festivals in Bakersfield, CA

Located just two hours north of Los Angeles and right next to the Sequoia National Forest, Bakersfield is a southern California city known for its affordable housing (check out Riverdale Village mobile home community), high quality of life and local festivals that help keep old traditions alive and create new ones. 

Here, we list the top local events and festivals you shouldn’t miss in Bakersfield. 


Bakersfield Craft Beer Festival


Every first Saturday of April, more than 2,000 craft beer lovers, dozens of breweries and local restaurants, and live bands gather at Central Park in Mill Creek.


The festival has a relaxed atmosphere where local restaurants and caterers offer their mouthwatering cuisine partnered with specialty microbrews to the attendees who can also enjoy live bands on stage.


Annual Latino Food Festival and Menudo Cook-Off 


For more than 22 years, this family-friendly festival has been attracting thousands of people who want to enjoy Hispanic food, culture and entertainment, all wrapped up in one fun event usually held on the last weekend of May at the Kern County Museum (3801 Chester Avenue).


Aside from the Menudo cook-off, the festival has also added other contests like the Pozole cooking match and Jalapeño eating competition, all of which come with a cash prize. 


Attendees can also expect live band performances and enjoy mouthwatering dishes from food kiosks, while kids can enjoy their own designated camp. 


Medieval California Festival 


The annual Medieval California Festival is usually held on the second or third weekend of April at Kern County Museum. Here, you can join hundreds of attendees wearing Medieval customs (many of whom choose some sort of a warrior outfit) and enjoy great food from hundreds of vendors, dozens of performances (including a jousting event), and the shooting range contest. 


Via Arte’s Annual Italian Street Painting Festival 


Since 1998, the Bakersfield Museum of Arts has been hosting this annual street painting festival to bring the community together and see the stunning art masterpieces made of colored chalk, turning The Market Place parking lot into an art gallery. The organizers invite professional and amateur artists who use the asphalt as their art canvas.


This year’s event will be held on October 22 and 23 at The Marketplace, 9000 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, CA. It’s a family-friendly art festival with free admission. 


Final word 


Aside from the annual festivals mentioned above, Bakersfield also has other “mini” events to strengthen the city’s identity, celebrate the culture and traditions of the residents, and provide entertainment and fun experiences to the attendees. 


So if you think that Bakersfield is the perfect town for you and your family, please check out Riverdale Village, a stunning mobile home community with tons of amenities that include a swimming pool, recreational facilities that include billiard tables, a clubhouse with a full kitchen, dog pick-up stations, etc.