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Halloween Porch Decoration

DIY Halloween Home Decorations for Anyone on a Budget

Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s not reason enough to keep your mobile home from looking drab for the holiday season. You may not be fully aware of it, but making your abode look festive can make you happier and lift your mood, well, at least that’s according to psychologists. 


Here, we compiled some simple and affordable DIY Halloween decorations to make your home ready for the holiday season. 


Vampire Bat Leaves


Collect maple-shaped leaves like Acer, sycamore, field maple, and ivy, which are easy to find in autumn. Then, snip off the pointy middle part to make them look like the head of a bat, with two prominent ears. 


Once you achieve the desired shape, spray paint the autumn leaves with matte black color and draw a little bat face on one side using a white marker. Make the eyes a bit squinty and add two protruding fangs to their mouth to make them more realistic. 


Skull Centerpiece 


To create a Halloween-themed dining table or console, place a faux skull at its center and fill it with autumn flowers such as dahlia, begonia, nerine, crocus, and Sternberg. You may also add twigs and buds if you want to make your flower arrangement more interesting. 


Meanwhile, remove any leaves that sit below the waterline to help your floral centerpiece last longer.


Garden Wheelbarrow 


You can make your porch look more festive by adding a garden wheelbarrow stuffed with undecorated pumpkins of various types, shapes, and sizes. But if you want to bring it to the next level, cut out flowers and leaves from wrapping paper (or anything that you have ready at hand) and paste them on the pumpkins.


Another option is to paint autumn-colored leaves on the pumpkins using a leaf-shaped stencil if you want to achieve some consistency. Once dry, you can outline the edge of the leaves with a white marker and add veins and other decorative details to them. 


Classic front porch decoration 


If you’re not into spooky-themed decorations, fill your planters and pallet boxes with an assortment of fall foliage, gourds, and pumpkins and surround them with candle lanterns of different sizes and heights. 


Black cat pumpkins


This DIY Halloween decoration suits anyone who does not want a project that involves carving. After all, you’ll only need faux or real pumpkins, hot glue, scissors, black and white paint, brush, red felt or fabric, and black marker to make this holiday decor. 


First, paint the pumpkins with three coats of black paint. Once dry, cut a small slot in their top to fit two triangle-shaped ears cut out from black craft foam (or thick cardboard). You can secure their ears using a dab of hot glue. 


To create a face, draw two angled eyes using a white marker, and for the iris, use a black marker. But you can also use paint if this is what you have at hand. 


And to create a nose, cut a “soft” triangle and place it in the middle of the pumpkin. Another alternative is to use a red felt or fabric. 


And for the whiskers, cut six strands of felt and secure them using hot glue. Make sure that each side gets three whiskers. 


Spiderweb on a white lampshade 


For this easy DIY project, you’ll only need a craft knife, drum lampshade, double-sided tape, and one-fourth inch strips made from a black whiteboard tape. 


Place three or four lines of thin whiteboard tape that go from the top to the bottom of the lampshade to create the frame of the web. Just make sure that they intersect at one point in the middle. 


Then, make subtle curves from one frame line to another using the thin whiteboard tapes. Continue making lines around the web until you achieve the desired size and pattern. 


To bring your decoration to the next level, add plastic spiders around the web, securing them with double-sided tapes. 


Spooky snake wreath 


To make this DIY Halloween decoration, weave plastic snakes of different sizes (or even colors) between the wreath’s twigs. You may want to secure them with hot glue.


Eerie wine bottles


Paint several wine bottles ideally of the same size with matte-black spray color. Once dry, place an orange tapered candle to achieve a spooky look.


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