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Why gated communities can be beneficial for raising a child

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Why gated communities can be beneficial for raising a child

Where to live is probably one of the toughest choices every parent makes while raising their children. There are several factors that are considered when making this decision and often times it revolves around the welfare of the children. Where do they play, what schools are nearby, are there hospitals in the area, and is it accessible to public transport? Sometimes, when considering the options, parents would often look at gated communities as it is the best place to raise children.


Luckily, there are several properties in California that provide the same features without that huge dollar sign like our mobile homes in Bakersfield, California, the Riverdale Village as an example. To further help you decide whether to move in to a gated community or not, allow us to give you the top 5 reasons why raising a child in this kind of environment could be your best option:


  1. Safety and Security

Gated communities are guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their round-the-clock patrolling makes the property a safe haven for children who want to play outdoors.  It also gives parents relief that their homes are safe and guarded against unwanted elements. Children are also safe from strangers who might bring harm to the neighborhood.


  1. Kids can be Kids

One of the best features of staying in a gated community is the facilities made for common use like parks, swimming pools, common recreation areas, and more. Children can enjoy a day in the park and families can have a good time playing by the pool. This means quality time without the need to spend.  


  1. Accessibility

These gated communities are often located at the heart of the city where access to health, financial institution, education, and churches is not a problem. It is beneficial not only to kids but to parents as well. It is less stressful to commute to work because of its convenience and near vicinity to most offices which means they can have more time with their families.

  1. A warm Environment

Gated communities are places where there are no strangers so everyone knows everybody. They organize events that will benefit the whole community, whether you are a tenant or a permanent resident. It is also easier for the kids to form and build relationships and find their life-long friends. The best part of living in these kinds of properties is that neighbors will always check for the welfare of their co-homeowner. Game nights are staples and holiday get-togethers are scheduled regularly.


  1. Your Future is Secured

Homes that are built in these communities are built by reliable contractors. Because of this feature, the houses’ values are always appreciated year after year after year. This means that permanent residents are guaranteed that the estate that they will leave to their children will be worth something more when the time comes that the kids will inherit the property. Prices of properties inside gated communities appreciate faster than that outside because the prestige that comes with living in these communities, considering all the benefits we’ve mentioned, has an add-on value to the house.


So what are you waiting for? If these are not enough reasons to decide to change your address, talk to us now here in Riverdale Village so we can give you a great tour of what you should be expecting for your child’s next home.