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How mobile home community promotes affordable senior living

happy senior couple living in an affordable mobile home in Bakersfield

How mobile home community promotes affordable senior living

Retiring from work is a major life change that brings one notable benefit: You have more time to spend with your family and friends and pursue hobbies and interests that weren’t possible in the past because of your hectic schedule. 

While retirement comes with many benefits, it has one caveat you can’t ignore–and that’s the reduced income. Fortunately, moving into a mobile home community is one way to get the most out of your pension and live in a tight-knit community that offers good quality of life.

If you want an affordable lifestyle without skimping on excellent amenities, check out Riverdale Village, a 334-spaces mobile home community in Bakersfield, California, which offers these facilities and amenities listed below:

  • Swimming pool
  • Recreational center with billiard tables 
  • Clubhouse with a full kitchen
  • Dog pick-up stations 


Mobile home park and affordable lifestyle for retirees and young families

Living in a well-maintained mobile home community is one way to enjoy the perks of homeownership without breaking the bank. Plus, you can access excellent amenities without you having to do the upkeep since you have a property manager who will ensure that every nook and cranny of the neighborhood–from landscape and pools to walking trails and sidewalks–is in its best condition. 

On average, mobile home parks are 20% to 50% more affordable than site-built houses even though they are also made of quality materials and meet the rigorous requirements implemented by the US Housing and Urban Development. 

Mobile homes are cheaper to construct than traditional houses because they are built in facilities that maximize the use of construction materials, whereas site-built houses generate up to 30% surplus or waste that goes directly to landfills. 

Furthermore, the facilities that construct manufactured homes maximize their labor force and use the latest technology to create dwellings more efficiently and quicker than site-built houses. 


Other benefits of mobile home community 

Aside from the affordable lifestyle, which particularly appeals to the working class, retirees, young families and first-time homebuyers, mobile home parks come with a variety of benefits such as: 

Tight-knit vibe. Mobile home parks typically hold community events to get the most of their shared amenities, which usually include recreational areas, clubhouses and swimming pools. 

Less upkeep. Again, there is a property manager who ensures that the neighborhood is clean and pristine. 

Less work. If you purchase a new manufactured home, you can move in immediately after signing the purchase contract. By contrast, buying a fixer-upper house or land where a new house will be built means you need to invest time and effort to oversee the renovation or reconstruction. 

Excellent amenities. Living in a well-maintained mobile home community means you get to enjoy community facilities and amenities such as walking trails, pools, gardens and recreational areas. 


Convenient location

Whether you choose an all-age community or a senior-friendly mobile home park, chances are you can enjoy a convenient location that allows you to visit major retailers, restaurants and top-rated schools quickly.


Final word

If you’re looking for a quaint mobile home community that offers amazing amenities, visit Riverdale Village or check out this manufactured home listing by Storz Management Company.