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Reasons to Buy a Riverdale Village Mobile Home

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Reasons to Buy a Riverdale Village Mobile Home

There are various reasons and factors that homeowners look out for when searching for their next address. For some, it can be security; others would want an open park; some just want a warm neighborhood. Luckily, here in Riverdale Village, the neighborhood is a place of friendship, environment and security. If you’re still one of these searching homeowners, read below some activities and amenities by Riverdale Village that will make you want to stay here for good.



Gated communities mean no strangers will loiter around the neighborhood. This is great news for starting families who have small children in their homes. Most of the time, these kids are the target of bad intentions. Living in a gated community secures these kids from the bad elements outside.

This also means that there is a roving patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your kids are playing in front of your house or strolling near the park, a guard will be on the lookout for non-residents in the neighborhood. And, just in case the guards have already checked the perimeters, there are also close-circuit television cameras in various places for added safety of the homeowners.



Gated communities are also popular because of their wonderful amenities. Here in Riverdale Village, we have a huge community hall where homeowners can rent and hold their parties, no matter the occasion. We also have a remedy for the scorching heat of the sun during the summer because we have a beautiful swimming pool that is accessible to all homeowners and their guests.

While the ladies have fun sunbathing, the boys can enjoy a round of pool at the billiards hall. Aside from these, there are a lot of food preparation options we have for you. You know what they say, communities are best gathered in front of food. That is why we have also installed a huge community kitchen so everyone can be their own master chef. Lastly, who can resist a luscious green park, lined with tall green trees and an outdoor play park. Kids would sure love it.



There is a thin line that separates a safe leisure walk and an assault, and that is security. Living in Riverdale means you can take your leisure walks without the fear of being assaulted. This means that everyone in the village can live an active and healthy lifestyle as they choose. They can walk around the village or run in the wee hours of the morning and still feel safe. Kids, on the other hand, can play at the park and be sure that they will meet fellow children who are as friendly. This way, they will not be stuck at home on their iPad or computers.

Pediatricians believe that an active lifestyle for children does not only develop their physical abilities but also their social, and mental capacities.


Want to experience these for yourself? Come by Riverdale Village for a visit and get a feel of everything you’ve ever wanted in a home.



Take Highway 99 to the Airport or Oildale Drive exit.
Then, go east for a mile to Roberts Lane.
Proceed to Riverdale Village Mobile Home Park entrance at 811 Roberts Lane in Bakersfield.

Or, send us a message, and let’s schedule your next visit.