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Spruce up Your Mobile Home With These Simple Tips

Mobile Home in the dessert with relaxing view of the mountains

Spruce up Your Mobile Home With These Simple Tips

Having a mobile home is no excuse to be lazy when it comes to decorating.


The key to a beautiful home is not really about its size and its grandiosity of it. Sometimes, even the tiniest mobile homes can feel the grandest if properly set up. Here are some tips to spruce up your mobile home.


Let in natural light


The abundance of light gives the illusion of a much bigger space. Mobile homes are usually small and packed. Depriving it of sufficient natural light can make the space feel even smaller.


Consider placing windows in areas that are crowded. A nice, big window placed near the kitchen counter can do wonders for the entire space.


Get rid of unused stuff


People generally hold on to as much stuff as possible. To some, these things are for kept sentimental value. To others, these give them some form of security.


There is no issue in collecting something. This can easily be anyone’s hobby – collecting tiny vintage car models, books, and vinyl records.


However, there are times when keeping stuff is done for the mere sake of keeping them. Be it old clothes that do not fit, giveaway mugs that never saw the light of day or kitchen items that are never used.


Go through everything you own in your home and ask yourself three questions: Do I need this? Does this add value to my life? Does this make me happy? If the answer is no, then let it go!


Plants are your friends


If done properly, placing plants in your homes is a terrific idea. Not only does it add decorative value to your house, but it also offers a lot of wonderful benefits for your mobile homes.


Some plants naturally filter the air you breathe. Others such as citronella and sandalwood shun away certain pests like mosquitoes.


Get yourself a plant or two and see the difference for yourself.


Buy items that have more than one purpose


Sometimes a cheese board is more than a cheese board. It could be decorative as well that you can place on your console table.


Having items in your mobile homes that have multiple purposes is a sure way to save space and money.


Living mobile does not mean living in restriction. You just have to be wise about the things that go into your home.


Do not be afraid to buy expensive furniture


Mobile homeowners sometimes have the idea that everything in their homes should not be of that much value. This is the incorrect mindset to have.


Mobile living does not equate to cheap living. It is okay to indulge yourself with nice, pricey items if these go would spruce up your home. Buy items that will make you happy and contented.


Are you ready to join the mobile home phenomenon? Read more about Riverdale Village to know the benefits of living in a mobile home. You may also send us a message to schedule your visit. 


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