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Stay Warm and Toasty With This Fall Mobile Home Maintenance Checklist

A man doing fall maintenance for a mobile home

Stay Warm and Toasty With This Fall Mobile Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is almost here, and that means it’s time to think about inspecting your mobile home. It’s a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run if you make your place more comfortable and safe.

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You can do plenty of things to prepare for fall months, like change the batteries in your smoke detectors and ensure there’s plenty of firewood on hand. But most importantly? Check up on your mobile home! Here’s how:

Exterior Inspection

Start your manufactured home maintenance by checking the roof and vents. Check for leaks and ensure they are working properly, especially in the winter when rain and snow can cause damage.

And don’t forget the windows and doors. Inspect them for any damage or cracks, including those around the screens. If you have storm doors or screens, caulk any gaps if necessary.

You should also check the gutters on your mobile home in Bakersfield for clogs or debris. It ensures water doesn’t pool up on your mobile home’s exterior walls during storms!

Interior Inspection

As for the interior inspection, examine whether there is any mold formation. That’s because it’s dangerous to humans and animals and needs to be treated immediately.

Another thing to be mindful of is pests like ants, termites, and mice. So make sure all openings are sealed properly before fall sets in, as they can enter your mobile home through small crevices!

Test carbon monoxide levels through an inexpensive monitor. It will tell you if there is too much CO2 being emitted into the air inside your mobile home.

The CDC recommends doing this at least twice per year. If your test returns positive, determine where the CO2 is coming from so you can take care of it immediately.

Electrical Inspection

It’s important to check your electrical system at the onset of the fall. Look for loose connections, frayed or bare wires, and any other signs of damage. 

Inspect fuses and circuit breakers and make sure they’re working properly. Check that all outlets are working properly by plugging in a lamp.

Suppose there are any problems with wiring, like exposed insulation or worn-out outlet covers that expose live wires. In that case, you should contact a licensed electrician right away. They can make repairs before someone gets hurt—or worse yet—a fire starts!

Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection is a great time to check for leaks, clogs, and other issues that could cause damage to your home. Check for leaks in the pipes by turning off the faucets and appliances, then listen for any dripping noises. 

If you hear anything unusual, turn on each faucet or appliance to see if it causes any more dripping sounds. Also, inspect pipes for broken or cracked sections and loose connections that may cause water damage as they wear down over time. 

Any cracks in or around your water heater will let in cold air, which can cause freezing during winter months. It can even damage your tank if left unchecked!

Roof and Attic Checks

Once you’ve checked to ensure your mobile home is secure, it’s time to move on to the last part of your manufactured home maintenance checklist. You should check for proper ventilation in your mobile home, shingles or wood tiles on top of the roof, and insulation underneath them (or inside).

You’ll want this insulation most years when fall comes around again. Cold air can be very damaging if it seeps through the walls into other parts of your mobile home.

Moisture buildup can also cause problems with mold growth down below. So ensure there aren’t any moisture issues before winter makes its way into town.


Now that you’ve read through this mobile home maintenance checklist, you should be able to keep your mobile home in good shape. You can do many of these things yourself, especially if you have experience working with tools and machines. 

However, it’s always best to call a professional if something breaks down or needs to be fixed right away. Take care of yourself and your home by following our advice above; we hope that helps make life easier for everyone!

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