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Summer events around Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is a vibrant city. For most, it is only a stop on their way to their destination – usually Los Angeles, or San Francisco – but do not underestimate this 5th largest city in California. People who decide to live here actually have a wonderful time.

A booming job market and affordable cost of living will welcome those who decide to stay. Moreover, it is one of those cities where there is always something hip happening. You will not find things to do here, especially around the summertime.

The whole city fills with fun activities for all age groups! You can make the most out of your summer here in Bakersfield, CA. How? Here are some of the activities you can try out: 


Visit museums  


During summer, the weather gets really hot sometimes. This activity is perfect for those who enjoy some shade and AC, but still want to get out of their houses. Bakersfield has museums like the Kern County Museum, the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, California Living Museum, and many more.  


Join summer camps


Bakersfield surely holds a lot of summer camps, especially for children and teenagers. Whatever it is you are interested in, you will most likely find a summer camp for it here. There’s drama camp, sewing camp, music and dance retreat, video game camp, director training, leadership camp, film camp and many more! 


Watch an open-mic comedy


For those who enjoy a hearty laugh, don’t miss out on this activity. Temblor Brewing hosts an open mic comedy night! Here, you can enjoy a bottle of beer or two, and laugh your heart out while watching stand-up comedians.  


Bike around! 


This is a free activity you can enjoy with your loved ones. Bakersfield has a lot of open areas and parks you can bike around. The community is safe so you are assured of an enjoyable ride. There is also a community bike ride that happens around the summertime. You can join if you are up to it! 


Hit the beach


When residents and visitors alike want to refresh their senses by hitting the beach, there are a lot of options available for them. Not far from Bakersfield are the beautiful beaches of sunny California. A two-hour ride will bring you to the shores and sands of the Pacific.  


Visit the library


A little quiet time never hurts anyone. When you find yourself worn out by outdoor summer activities, you can find refuge in the libraries in the area. Libraries in this city are aplenty and beautifully stocked. Great collections of literature await the readers. 


Bakersfield is the perfect town for those who love peace and adventure at the same time. It has the right balance that homeowners are looking for. If you want to settle down in this kind of city, check out our website for various housing options you can avail of.

Riverdale Village is a mobile home community in Bakersfield that offers over 334 spaces. It basks in the warm, sunny weather of California, and has access to great schools, open parks and many other commercial establishments. 


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