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What you Need to Know when Moving to Riverdale MHP

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What you Need to Know when Moving to Riverdale MHP

Moving to a new place is a daunting task. Especially for people with jobs and other responsibilities, it can be quite a hassle to uproot your life and rebuild a new one. Every ounce of help is a big deal. You are probably looking for as much information as possible in order to make your upcoming move as smooth as possible.

We know you are busy, that you rather spend the weekend bonding with your family and not scouring every bit of information you can find about your prospective home. So, we have compiled this list of things you should know when moving to Riverdale MHP in Bakersfield, California! 

Riverdale MHP in Bakersfield, CA is diverse. 

With 365,000 residents, you can expect Bakersfield to be diverse. The demographic here is comprised of White, Hispanic, African-American, and Asian. Even though it is a big and populous city, it is not as congested as Los Angeles. 

It is located in an economic center.  

The city is an economic center. The transportation system is easy to understand. There are also a lot of job opportunities to be found here. The area’s top employers are Kern County, Grimmway Farms, Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Sun World, and Chevron, among others. Oil and agriculture are the top industries in the city.  

The weather is warm and sunny.  

Riverdale is in an area where there is a lot of sunshine and warmth. The summer season can go as long as 100 days. There is little to no rain from May to September.  

The annual rainfall is 6.5 inches. It means there will be more time for the kids to go out and play outdoors! Winters are expected to be short, but they can also get a little cold.  

There is no scarcity of good schools.  

There are 97 schools in Bakersfield. One of the most sought-after schools, which is Downtown Elementary School, garnered a rating of 9. Public schools are rated Average as well. 

Food choices are endless. 

One of the many great things about Bakersfield is the presence of excellent restaurants. You will never have to eat the same meal twice in a row because the range of cuisine here is fantastic. There is Mexica, Cuban, American, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, and many more. Literally, any cuisine you can think can be found here! 

 Commercial establishments are everywhere.  

Groceries, malls, retail stores are all over the place, so you need not travel far to get the things that you need for your everyday life.  

There are many activities to do at weekends.  

You can go trekking, museum-hopping, and park-hopping all you want because there are a lot of museums and parks in the area. There is Kern County Museum, California Area Living Museum, Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, Centennial Park, Silver Creek Park. You can also drive to Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Los Padres National. 

Now that you know more about this area, it is time to know more about the house you will move into! Call us at  (661) 399-4449  to know more about our units at Riverdale MHP.