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Why consider a mobile home community as your family home

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Why consider a mobile home community as your family home

Raising a family can both be fun and scary. It is a huge responsibility because a lot of factors are in play and various considerations have to be met. 


One of the most critical aspects of raising a family is choosing a place where to live. An environment dramatically influences the values, beliefs, and habits of an individual. For young parents, shaping the future of their children begins with where they chose to stay. 


For young families looking for a place to nurture their family, we have rounded up a list of reasons why a mobile home park might be the right abode for you. 


1. COST 

Getting a new home can be an expensive venture for a young family. As the cost of living in various states continues to go up, the challenge to make ends meet and still be comfortable continues. For these reasons, mobile homes come in as a handy option. With the costs that are almost 90 percent cheaper than a regular house, that is a lot of savings for a starting family. 


Homes in California, on average, cost $525,000. Putting this side by side with a $50,000 factory-built home and the family gets a huge saving that they can divert for other essential expenses. 



Mobile home parks are gated communities which means security parameters are up all day and various systems are in place to ensure the residents’ safety. 


With regulated foot and vehicle traffic, kids can roam around, and play outside the house safely. With CCTVs running 24 hours a day and scheduled patrols, parents are assured of their kids’ safety. 


Homes are also secured as guards can easily identify if there are any loiters around the property because of the strict entry and exit procedures that are implemented. 



A warm welcoming atmosphere is what every child needs. Mobile Home parks are designed so families can get their privacy and still build relationships with their neighbors. 


There are also amenities that help kids and adults get together for a fun night of relaxation and stories. As for kids, it is crucial for young children to get the right amount of playtime under the sun as it helps build their body’s immunity. It also allows children to mingle with other kids their age and shape new relationships. Adults will find a well-paved road that is runner-friendly and recreation spots like the swimming pool a great place to relax after a week of stress at work. 


There are developments in California like the Riverdale Village Mobile Home Park in Sacramento that offers plenty of amenities and a good neighborhood for your children. 


For inquiries, you can send us an email or ring our numbers, and our team will be delighted to help you find your next home. We also conduct scheduled visits if you wish to see the property so you can get a feel of how it is to live in one of our developments.