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Winter activities to enjoy with the family around Riverdale Village MHP

Christmas lights during winter

Winter activities to enjoy with the family around Riverdale Village MHP

As the most wonderful time of the year draws near, families all over the city start to plan for the perfect winter activities to enjoy! It is not a secret that most people love winter. The sparkly lights, the cold air, the holiday festivities are only some of the factors that make this season magical! 


However, winter magic varies from town to town. Some communities do winter holidays better than others! It is for this reason that you should be extra careful in deciding where to live. Where you reside ultimately dictates you and your family’s lifestyle.  


One great city to live in is Bakersfield, California. This city has a lot of parks where the family can have picnics on the weekend. Public schools in the area are above average when it comes to academic performance. Many families, especially those with parents who young professionals, choose to live here. And didn’t we mention, winter in Bakersfield is fun and festive, just like how the city is all year round! 


Here are some of the winter activities you can enjoy with the whole family! 


Experience a magical time in  Christmas Town 


Christmas Town opens from November 29 through January 4. It is located at the Kern Country Museum, 3801 Chester Ave. This Holiday setup will take you into a different time and space! The area is filled with twinkling lights. See the giant Christmas tree in the middle and take lots of family photos! You will also be serenaded with cheery holiday music! You can also try sledding! Christmas Town has a hundred-foot snow hill where you can go sledding. The kids will surely love this! 


Learn how to bake Christmas treats  


We have to admit that some winter days call for staying in at home. But staying indoors does not have to be boring. You can try new activities with the whole fam! We suggest that you visit the local grocery and get the best ingredients for a nice pastry or cake. Teach the kids how to knead dough or let them decorate the cake. Watch their creative juices flow! 


Try ice-skating  


Also located in the Christmas Town is a beautiful ice-skating rink that all family members can enjoy. With the admission fee comes a pair of ice skates you can use. In the middle of the rink, you will see a Christmas tree and lights that brighten up the place. There is also music that sets the mood up of the visitors.  


Visit a museum   


Spend the day in the warm comfort of museum halls. You can visit the Bakersfield Museum of Art. This museum is located in Central Park at the corner of R Street and 19th Street. The galleries are beautifully designed, so you can easily spend hours here just appreciating the museum and the artworks. It is a great way to teach the entire family the importance of art in our world today! 


Now that you are aware of the amazing things that you can here in Bakersfield, you might as well look into the amazing mobile home community that is Riverdale Village MHP. With so many choices for a mobile home park, it can become confusing to choose. But having an option that is easily accessible yet secured, peaceful yet fun-filled, beautiful yet affordable makes choosing a little bit of a breeze. See our units today! Call us at  (661) 399-4449.


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